Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nuff said.


Disclaimer : luahan perasaan

Been a while since i write. Well, a while is an understatement actually. Truth was, I don't really know how and what to write anymore.

Just, seeing them from afar stirs my heart. We don't speak the same language anymore, i guess. And I can only smile and wish the best for them. May Allah lend you His strength as only those close to Him will be tested like that.

Just know that I really miss every single one of you, and I am sorry for all the things lacking all this time and also for not being there when you need a shoulder to rest you head on, or a pair of ears to listen to. And Jazakunnallahukhayran kathira, for the times you reached out for me, for the time you spent thinking of my problems, and for not giving up on me.

Please pray for me,  that I can walk the same path as all of you and maybe, just maybe, one day we can sit and talk in the same language and frequency again. InshaAllah, I will keep going, even if I am crawling :)

nuff said.

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