Friday, August 13, 2010

::women = meat?? ::

People would always ask, why Muslim women need to wear a head scarf or a hijab? Really, why constraint the women from wearing what ever they want, like in one of the song,

" this is the western and you are free,
you don't need to be afraid, ashamed of your femininity"

why bother to hide the fact that you are a female? Well, when i learnt English subject in my college life, i learnt about media and how it works. From years back, women are only given two roles in the media portrayal, or in precise, women are stereotyped with only two roles;
gender roles and sex objects (read more)

sex objects - women are used to attract more people to watch movies and to sell products.

We once argued in class, teacher said that she didn't understand why for selling cars, beautiful half naked women need to be in the advertisement, and one of the guys in my class answered, because both cars and women appeal guys! proven right? women are only used as sex object and appeal to make sure that products are sold and we as the audiences are okay with it.

this is where the beauty of Islam can be seen. When a woman wear clothes that covers her body from head to toe, whether people around her wants it or not, they have to see her for who she is and not her body. They have to accept her by her other attributes rather than only her physical attribute. Then only she will be seen for her intelligence or her talents.

Think about it, if women are seen just because of their bodies, what difference do they have with a piece of meat? We see meats whether they are in good condition or not, we did not care whether it was from an intelligent cow or goat (just rhetorically). We only see its physical conditions.

Furthermore,women portrayed in the media are not even normal women. Beauty image sets by the media are not really attainable by normal people; unattainable beauty. Take Barbie dolls for example, a computer generated model shows that if a real human was to have that kind of figure, she can only have a few centimeters of bowel and only half a liver.

How about that? But that is what beautiful supposed to look like, how the image was constructed in our mind subconsciously.

Islam only wants to protect the women from being oppressed and used by others for their own interests. Maybe it is viewed as conservative but isn't it a solution to moral social problems such as adultery and baby killing? not that Islam is denying the nature of human being to love and be loved, but Islam provide a better way for this nature to be fulfilled; marriage. And InshaAllah all the problems faced nowadays can be controlled and even prevented, He knows us best as He is our Creator!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010


i know You are there,
i know You want me close,
i know this is a test,
don't let it wipe my smile off,
i know You set this,
because You really care for me,
i know i can always count on You,
and believe that what You had set,
will always be the best for me,
if this is what You want me to be,
if that path really aren't made for me,
let me accept it,
with an open heart,
deep down in my soul.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

::Peluang itu::

Rasulullah (saw) diriwayatkan sebagai bersabda ketika menjelang Ramadan


“Sesungguhnya telah hadir bulan Ramadan, bulan berkat, Allah telah mewajibkan ke atas kamu berpuasa, dibukakan pintu-pintu syurga, ditutup rapat pintu neraka dan ditambat para syaitan, Pada bulan ini terdapat satu malam yang terbaik dari seribu bulan. Sesiapa yang tidak berusaha mendapatkan kebaikan-kebaikannya sesungguhnya dia rugi.”

(Hadis Riwayat Ahmad dan An-Nasai)

ayuh kita rebut peluang yang Allah beri ini, dipertemukan semula dengan Ramadhan yang penuh dengan nikmat, keberkatan lailatul Qadr yang lebih baik drpd seribu bulan! mampukah untuk kita kata yg kita akan hidup sampai 83 tahun? dan kalau pun umur kita sepanjang itu, terjaminkah kita bahawa setiap detiknya diisi dengan pengabdian sepenuhnya kepada Yang Maha Kuasa?


Monday, August 9, 2010


Salam, my name is Shabaan, I am informing you that my neighbour Ramadhan will be visiting you soon with his wife Rezk and two children; Sahur and Iftaar. They will be accompanied by three grandchildren; Rahmat, Barakat and Touba, they will leave after thirty days by Eid airlines. Treasure them and you will be blessed.

~back to Ramadhan School of tarbiyah, inshaAllah~

"Allahumma balighna ramadhan!"

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I planned my life,
What I want to be,
Maybe ten years ahead of me,
He planned also without me realizing,
My birth, my death,
and the future me.

"Respite will I grant unto them: for My scheme is strong (and unfailing)"

"But to Allah belong all things in the heavens and on earth: And He it is that Encompasseth all things."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

::My First LOVE::

After leaving the IB and KMB world, I have all the time in the world. Yes, TIME. One of the blessing that people of Prophet Muhammad saw always take for granted. I am one of them.

The busier people are, the more appreciative they are with the time they have.

I'm scared that i will forget :

The feeling of being a servant to HIM

The feeling of satisfaction of doing things with all my might just to please HIM

The reasons why i take this path in the first place

The feeling when i took my first step in this way

The feeling of being watched over by HIM wherever and whenever

The feeling that HE will always be there by my side

The feeling that tell me HE care

I am SCARED that I will drift far from HIM, enjoying all the pleasure that HE gave me, yet forget to be thankful.

"O' Allah, bring me closer to YOU, fill my heart with LOVE for you, and for people that loves YOU. Make me a servant that is thankful for all the things that YOU gave me. Let me be a faithful servant to YOU, O' my Lord. Ameen"

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