Thursday, August 12, 2010


i know You are there,
i know You want me close,
i know this is a test,
don't let it wipe my smile off,
i know You set this,
because You really care for me,
i know i can always count on You,
and believe that what You had set,
will always be the best for me,
if this is what You want me to be,
if that path really aren't made for me,
let me accept it,
with an open heart,
deep down in my soul.


...zUlaIkHA... said...


what happened dear?

be strong k..
He just want u to be more n more closer to Him... fortunate u are...(^_^)

~AiSyA HuMaiRa~ said...


wasalam... the process of being stronger and accepting.. He did answer my prayer, so i really can't complaint... i hope this is His way of showing me that He still sees me~ inshaAllah...

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