Saturday, January 16, 2010


it's been a while since i write in english, and since someone had pointed it up just now, i decided to make an effort to write in english...

feels like i been tied up to all the things that needed to be done; EE, TOK essay+presentation and what not. trying not to complain, after all, if He puts you through it, that must be the best for you.

"If Allah brings you to it,
He will bring you through it"

trying to comprehend all the emotions, someone said to me that we must not be easily hurt by other people's remarks especially when you are in His path. be patience. i agree. totally. He will always be there. But being a weak human being, sometimes human slip. trying hard not to feel hurt, but it will heal, just needed sometime to be alone and evaluate, reassessing myself. there must be something that He wanted to show me. Asking for His guidance, He did answer.

"sesungguhnya pelindungku adalah Allah yang telah menurunkan Kitab (Al-Quran). Dia melindungi orang2 saleh"

to all my beloved friends who care for me a lot, jazakillahu khoir.. but don't worry, it will pass. Just give me some time....

and please, do act normal. I'm scared with your behaviours. All of you!! :p


Anonymous said...

i am normal.yeah.

btw, dun forget to eat. i'll come by regularly to make sure u EAT!!!
n perhaps get free choki2!

~AiSyA HuMaiRa~ said...

to anonymous...

thx for acting normal..haha... u r welcome to come... free choki2? that's some kind of payment is it?


mohd asyriq said...

sorry because scared u due to my behaviour..=p =p

'aisyah ismail said...


dear aida yang dikasihi fillah..

apa khabar awak di sana? nih sorang lagi adik.. yg akak rindu sgt222 nk peluk.. (-_-)

moga terus kuat di sana aida.. hidup kita adalah tarbiyah.. n realiti dunia mmg penuh dgn ujian.. dan sbaik2 pemberi kekuatan adalah Allah..

banyyakan doa.. banyakkan qiyam.. banyakkan usaha ea dik.. insyaallah.. allah sebaik2 pemberi balasan and He do counts every single effort.

have faith.. and slalu betulkan niat lillahita'ala.


love u always :)

~AiSyA HuMaiRa~ said...

to asyriq~ comment..

to k.'aisyah~

jzklh akak, insyaAllah, tgh cuba menguatkan diri...tolong doakan kami di sini ye kak...
rindu gak nk peluk akak!!

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