Tuesday, July 27, 2010

::dedicated to those dear to me [M08K]::


MO8K people, you were the best classmates that i may have in my life.
I thank Allah for sending me you guys. Sorry for the troubles that i had cause any of you.
Thank you for being there for me whenever i was depressed and down with anything, which happened a lot. Thank you for all the things that you guys had taught me for the 2 years that we were together.

Dibah, Shafika, Adawiyah, Zafira, Asfahan, Farhana, Tiara, Afiqah, Aqilah, Efa, Felicity, Farnaz, Rozaimi, Afiq, Nazrul, Syahiran, Hafiz, Ammar, Zakwan

I pray that where ever you may be after this, Allah will always protect you. Thank you for all the joy and tears that we had shared together, doing classwork, drama, presentation and many more. Hope that those will be cherished by every one of us forever in our life. If ever in our friendship that i did any of you any wrong doings, i beg for your forgiveness. Those were from my weaknesses and i am glad to have you guys pointed them out for me.

Now that we will go through our paths separately, i bid you farewell and all the best in your journey. Remember that Allah will always be there by our side and He will always hear our prayers. I hope that we will meet again someday, even if the encounter is going to be like the story created by Rhoe, I pray that it will be a happy one just like it. But if we are not destined to meet here in this world, i hope that we will meet again in His heaven, inshaAllah.

~I love you guys dearly and I hope that success will always be with you, inshaAllah~


mohd asyriq said...

thanx..gud luck d uk..=p

~AiSyA HuMaiRa~ said...


thx neway~

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