Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The first thing that i learnt in Pushing Boundaries activities was how to apply concept. the fact that we will not encounter the same experience twice in our life, but the gist of the lesson is we may encounter problems with the same concept. We may not face the same exams again, even though we might have gone through the paper before, and the time constraint is the same, but there will be some differences in the situations; be it our knowledge, our emotions, or whatever it might be.

When i was browsed through Rasulullah's seerah, how he and the Muslims in his time had encountered numerous war (perang), be it Perang Badar, Perang Uhud, Perang Hunain and many more. If we see them as wars, it would be the same for each one of them. Then, why Allah bothers to set them to go to war every now and then? It was not the same every time. Yes, there were a few same concepts in the war, but there were always new things that Allah wants them to learn. How fortunate right? to be taught directly by HIM. Subhanallah! Let say in Perang Badar, He taught the Muslims to rely only in His strength as they were outnumbered; Muslims 300++ while the Kuffar 1000 ++. In Perang Uhud, He taught them to obeyed the order of Rasulullah (leaders), and it was a very painful and expensive lesson as many of us, Muslims, syaheed during this war. If we look thoroughly in each war, there will always a big theme in every events that Allah had set for them, different from each other.

The same thing goes to us. We have to learn from every events that occurs in our life. The ibrah (lessons) that Allah wants us to learn. There will always be something new that we might learn if we look hard enough for it. We need to learn how to conceptualize and apply it back to our daily life. I learnt it in the Pushing Boundaries camp, while Allah had used this method to teach Muslims long time ago. Another prove that all the knowledge in this world is HIS, even though taught in a camp that may be considered to have nothing to do with ISLAM, right?

Well...Think about it.


Fatimah A'thirah said...

pentingnya sharing antra para dai'e terutama perjalanan masing2 agar ade ibrah + tarbiyah yg dpt diceduk same2..
same goes dgn peri pnting blaja sirah Rasulullah, krn tak de method da'wah trbaik mlainkan yg dah dilalui Rasulullah dan umat terdahulu..

"jika Rasulullah naik unta, kita naik angsa (unser)" - yg pnting gist dye hoho


~AiSyA HuMaiRa~ said...

>Fatimah A'thirah

yup.. sunnatullah for us to go through the path he( Rasulullah) had gone through IF we carry the same goal as his..inshaAllah, He will lead us all the way through~ Can't imagine going back to KMB riding unta..haha

btw, officially u r one of the club members right qualify..haha~

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