Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anthem for Doomed Palestinian

Black dust blinded her view
And she was grateful for that
White cloth covered with dust and soots
Young buds swept away by the rough wind of war
Red pearls fall to ground but worthless
Looking at the blue sky
Wondering who’s next to cry
Silent parade held on years and years

The dark cloud hung over the shining sun
But Al-Quds stands against time
False promises are left to be fulfilled
Dark secrets are slowly being revealed
Silent prayers are sent from afar
Hoping that Allah will save them all.

This was a sonnet, a petrarchan sonnet composed by asfahan, nazrul, syahiran, zakwan and me for our english class. i though of sharing it with anyone who is willing to read. This was done during the first semester. Do comment on it if you want to. We really wanted it to be expressive about how we felt at that time.

1 comment:

muslim said...

masih ada org di sini yg ingatkn ikhwan kita di sana.
teruskan usaha anda walau sekecil mana
kerana Allah melihat apa yg kita lakukan.
anyway, nice poem (or song i think)

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