Monday, September 13, 2010

::Blessing in disguise::

Celebrating Aidilfitri, cooking is a must to all Malaysian that are Muslims, i guess. Well, since a lot of friends were coming to visit, we decided to make a desert, caramel pudding. It was chaotic. I guess too many cooks spoil the broth, with me, mum, dad and brother, the kitchen was full of people. Then, even though we've been making the pudding for quite a few times already, i got my finger burnt from the hot caramel, ouch! Not the whole hand, alhamdulillah, just a small portion of my index finger, not even more than 1cm radius wide.

Now, the burns has already been recovering but since it is full of fluid, dad advice me to not let it burst as it might get infected. Ya Allah, it was hard doing daily life routines without even only one finger. I had to eat using spoon, brushing my teeth in a weird way as i can't hold my toothbrush properly, i can't even hold the spoon properly. For only one finger, it brings a big difference to live without. What a huge nikmat Allah had gave us with even only this index finger.

Lo! Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is ever Mighty, Wise.

This was only burns made by fire in this world, can't imagine how it would feel like to be burnt by the fire that Allah had prepared for humans in the hereafter. To get burnt more than just one finger, O' Allah, save us from straying away form Your guided path!


Fatimah A'thirah said...

kene kursus masak lagi nmpaknye ni~

btw, smoga segera sembuh n kmbali aktif mnulis kalamullah dgn nya..
stiap ape yg ade dgn kita adlah pinjaman..
jika nk diambil olh pemiliknye.. nauzubillah, mudah sngt..

bile dah pinjam.. kne guna dgn penuh hemah utk mngajak pula peminjam2 lain ke arah Tuan punya pula insyaAllah..

~AiSyA HuMaiRa~ said...

>Fatimah A'thirah

hoho~ abg saya kata tu namanya lesen, kira dh ada lesen utk memasak la.. haha~

emm... mungkin kafarah dosa Allah utk saya.. lama gak xdpt kesakitan mcm tu kan...

xtau la sejauh mana nikmat diguna utk-Nya~ Semoga Allah kira!

syaza :) said...

bagus2. kakak pun tangan terbakar melecur terpegang kuali panas.. kena dua kali.. satu kali sempat buh colgate, satu lg dia bengkak melecur.. haha..senasib,. nk makan payah,,

~AiSyA HuMaiRa~ said...


haha, ye ke kakak? ibu x marah ke? makcik ani dgn pakcik mi asyik suh buh kicap masa kena tu...lwk bila igt balik!

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