Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Been doing nothing lately and suddenly, a song pop up in my head. A song i heard around 2 years ago and i quickly search for it in the internet. I listen back to it and study the lyrics, cause i am that type of person, affected by the lyrics rather than the beat. It's about love, but one paragraph really gets to me, how it expresses love, which makes me remember my should-be ultimate love, Allah

Kau Bagaikan Udara
Yang Membantu Aku
Untuk Terus Hidup Di Atas Dunia
Tanpa Mu Ku Lemah
Pasti Aku Tak Berdaya
Kerna Kau Maha Karya Cinta

translation: (my own though)

you are like air
that helps me
to keep on living in this world
without you i am weak
surely i am helpless
because you are the masterpiece of love

I've been away from Him a lot these days. I really hope that this is His way of bringing me closer to Him. The more i have, the more i am away from Him.Listening back to this song made me remember back that I need Him more than i can ever imagine.

"Yet of mankind are some who take unto themselves (objects of worship which they set as) rivals to Allah, loving them with a love like (that which is the due) of Allah (only) - Those who believe are stauncher in their love for Allah - Oh, that those who do evil had but known, (on the day) when they behold the doom, that power belongeth wholly to Allah, and that Allah is severe in punishment!"
(Al-Baqarah; 2:165)

~mode: preparing the mind and soul to move to a new place~

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