Thursday, December 2, 2010

::The power of Snow::

Finally, it snows heavily here, after snow started to fall lightly and melted as soon as it reached the ground on Tuesday, things changed abruptly as classes were cancel for today and tomorrow due to heavy snow. Subhanallah!

The power of snow! While we were walking back to our warm and cosy place, people were out in the open area playing snowball fight, throwing snow at each other. A lot of them!! Totally the opposite from before where nobody would be out at all. How powerful the snow is as people that did not know each other can even play snowball fight together and just having fun while at it.

But then, the most remarkable thing today was how the world change within one night. Subhanallah! The world as it was before; leaves, trees, the ground, within one night, by Allah's will, turned into a wonderland. We woke up this morning looking out through our window into a dreamland; it was like in Narnia, just within one night. He can do anything. Everything is within His power! Allahu akbar!

Yes, certainly snow is a powerful thing, but indeed it's Creator is the Most Powerful of all. The power of snow and The power of it's Creator. Subhanallah!

for all the things that He gave us,
for all the pleasures that He grant us,
for the feeling of gratitude that is bestowed upon us,
O' Allah, preserve this feeling in our heart,
may we always be grateful for all the things that You gave to us,
may everything becomes a means to be closer to You.
Ameen Ya Rabbal A'lamin


tulip putih said...


the same feeling hereeee <3

moga terus kuat awak!! :D

~AiSyA HuMaiRa~ said...

>tulip putih

inshaAllah..semoga kuat juga!

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