Wednesday, January 5, 2011

::Islamic civilization::

‎"Those are a people who have passed away. Theirs is that which they earned, and yours is that which ye earn. And ye will not be asked of what they used to do." 

(Al-Baqarah; 2:134)

When we read the history, we talked about great Islamic scholars, who discovered diversity of knowledge, that became the base of modern knowledge. We talked about the four great caliphates of khulafa' ar-rasyidin, the sahabah; (the unique Quranic generation), the imams, and many other great people. But is that all that we need to do? Are we done? Did we fulfill our purpose of life by just talking about it? 

Yes, Islamic empires were on top of the world during their times. Rashidun Caliphate, Umayyad caliphate, Abbasid caliphate and Ottoman caliphate were among the four caliphates that most Muslims know and cherished. But is that all? Is it enough just knowing? 

They have done their part in upholding this Deen, and inshaAllah, they will be rewarded by Allah in the hereafter, but us. We have a long way to go. We have to continue what they have done, we have to improve ourself and be the best that we can be, fulfilling our utmost potential so that we can bring back Islam to it's right position , inshaAllah

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