Sunday, January 2, 2011

::Things I would not have experience if... ::

My first winter in UK, i went to Sheffield for a gathering; Winter Gathering (PMS; Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk), gathering that gathered most UK and Eire Malaysian students. It was a blast, how the core of Islam, the basic principles that should be known by all muslims, being explained to us, the students, especially as we are living in a country where people said Islamic practices are hard to be done. But actually, if we learnt it properly, Islamic practices are not hard, anybody can do it anywhere as long as it fulfilled the criteria needed. For example; to perform the prayer; solah, all you need is a clean clothing, clean place and ablution (wudhu'), the direction can be found using a compass; of course we Muslims need to have all our "things" with us all the time; compass, ablution (can be preserved or can be taken anywhere there is water), but it is not necessarily to pray in a mosque. With all the technology invented; praying time application in the mobile and everything, even compass in the mobile phone, so it is not "that" hard anymore, it is easy to fulfill our duty as a Muslim, inshaAllah.

The first talk was about Islam, Islam in each corner of life. How it covers every single aspect of a human being. From cleanliness, things concerning yourself to how to behave to neighbours ; concerning people around you. From the moment you wake up, the doa (prayer) to how to sleep; the position while sleeping and what to do if you dream bad or good dreams. How perfect it is to guide us through our thick and thin.

There were so much interesting talks that was given by charismatic speakers throughout the gathering, but the last one was the one that touched my heart the most, "THE EXCELLENCE OF AL-MUKHLISIN".
How sincere are we in doing all the good deeds that we did before this? Is it solely for Allah? I have that question in my mind up until now. How we want to be MUSLIM, we want to understand ISLAM, and the gathering talked about ISLAM, IMAN and IHSAN, the three main foundations of this deen. Yes, everything is related to each other. In order to have a complete ISLAM as our deen, we have to have all three, But all in all, it is ikhlas that we have to have as well, we want to be among the MUKHLISIN (people who are sincere in doing things solely for Allah's sake). It is like, it binds all the three components together. 

I know it is the basic things in ISLAM, but it bears a heavy and important role as to become the foundation of this deen, so understanding it  really is crucial for all muslim. and learning it in winter gathering this year (PMS)  gave me a new perspective in seeing it. 

SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar

He gave me the chance to experience a lot of new things after my 'hijrah' to a new land. A land that was a stranger to me, but had taught me so many new things in just few months I've been here. A land that give me the opportunity to experience things that i might not even dream of doing and seeing if it was not for the sake of knowing my LORD. Thank you Allah for this opportunity. Let the love for YOU spread in my heart before it is filled with something else from the temporary enjoyment of this world.

I intended to write things about my jaulah (journey) around UK but ended up babbling about other stuffs instead. But the journey around UK (southampton, sheffield, manchester, lancaster, birmingham, leicester) was full of tarbiyah from HIM, alhamdulillah. He gave me the chance to see HIS creation and to think about HIS greatness. 

All the things i would not have experience if......~

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