Tuesday, February 1, 2011

::Clouds and Wind::

Searching for some strength to keep moving on, sometimes, things aren't just as we hoped it'd be, but there will always be a silver lining in every cloud that passes by, have faith that Allah is always by our side. Believing in Him makes things easier and bearable, inshaAllah..
Have faith that in every clouds that passes by, there will always be a silver lining with it. The sky will not forever be grey as the clouds are bound to be blown by the wind. He will not leave us in a state where we are not capable of reaching out to the open air, as He will always sends His helps in ways that we don't even imagine. Believe in Him, inshaAllah, and everything will be fine.
Alhamdulillah, the clouds had passed by, thank you Allah for the wind that You had sent. I can see the sunshine today, with that, and a smile, i'll start 'walking' once again~

source: scienceblogs.com

“Hasbi Allahu wa ne’mal wakil.”
“Allah is sufficient for me and is the best trustee of affairs.”

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atiqahazmi said...


~AiSyA HuMaiRa~ said...

cepatnya enti! hehe..
He will always give strength to us, inshaAllah.. just giving His servant a feeling of longing for His help and compassion.. alhamdulillah, all praise to Him for the tranquillity that He showered us with..

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