Wednesday, February 16, 2011


She didn't know. She called and called but that person was always busy doing something. She knew it was for the good of mankind, for the sake of the ummah, therefore she forced herself to understand, to accept that the roads in front of them were no longer the same. They would not be carving the same path towards their ultimate goal; Allah,  but they would be heading the same direction, inshaAllah. With that knowledge in mind, it ease her a bit. 

But, that did not mean that she would just forget about 'her'. Not able to hear 'her' voice hurts her feeling. Therefore, she called again, but this time, it wasn't ringing. It was switched off. Now what? What was her to do? She knew that 'she' was somehow okay, cause at least she was able to contact 'her'. At the very least, 'her' phone was ringing, she can afford to assume that 'she' was praying, or driving, or even eating. Anything would do to comfort her heart. And now, how was she supposed to really be sure of that. How can a heart be at ease? 

With that, she took another alternative to find out what was happening to 'her'. And it was as what she thought it might be. Silently, a prayer was sent from afar, asking Allah to help, protect and strengthen 'her', for He is the best trustee of all affair. Ameen~

*     *     *     *

Dearest to my heart, my princess, my love,

Sorry for not being able to be by your side all this while, sorry for not giving you the rights of ukhuwwah you deserve, sorry for not being sensitive enough to feel the burden that you are carrying, and i know sorry is not enough to begin with. I know you are strong and i know you can go through this. My love will always be sent to you from this land, and i really hope to see your smile once again, inshaAllah someday~


Fatimah A'thirah said...

oi mak cik. ape emo emo ni.. ape la.. xde pape.. haih gedik!
xpelu ler smpai tulis2 kt sni kot.. ape laaaaaa
bkn ade ape2 sngt pon. tp memang xkena masa la awk call, cm ne nk angkat. kalu harap sy call balas.. hihi harapan ah.. ok ok sy nk exam final PHARMACO minggu ni, doa kan ek tata wassalam

~AiSyA HuMayRa~ said...


apa??? kalau awk nak tau extreme mana tindakan saya, cuba la teka apa lagi sy buat??

xcukup lagi ke buktinya??? (huhu, nada sedeyh)

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