Monday, February 14, 2011

::it's been a while::

People says Allah tests the one that He loves,
I used to say that to people around me,
but sometimes I forget that as well,
but sometimes I feel that I can't take it any more,
and sometimes tears were just flowing out without me asking them to.

It's been quite sometimes, I'm here in this new place,
It's been quite sometimes, that I have experienced a lot of things I wouldn't imagine to do,
But sometimes, I forget why I do those things,
But sometimes, I get frustrated for not achieving things I expect to achieved based on my efforts and my intentions,
and sometimes I forget that it is His right to decide what I get as a result of my efforts, not mine to choose.

Thank you Allah for those reminders,
Thank you for reminding me to mind those 'simple' things that might be seen as small and unimportant,
Thank you Allah for this feelings,
Thank you for giving me the feeling of in need of You,
Thank you for the strength that You gave me to go through all those rocky paths,
Thank you for the ukhuwwah that I have all this times,
and also,
Thank you Allah for everything that You had given me all this while.



a.i.s.y.a.h. i.s.m.a.i.l said...

aida sayang

may allah give you strength. the beautiful strength.

fa sobrun jameel.

take care dik.

aseef jiddan for not being a good sister. T_T

~AiSyA HuMayRa~ said...

inshaAllah Akak,
May we all manage to be strong all the way through, He reminds me a lot on why i need to bear with these 'small' tests, and He reminds me a lot back then during the program why i chose this path in the first place. alhamdulillah..

fieqa said...

salam sister fillah

aseef jiddan aidhon for not being a good sister fillah.

just a warmth du'a for you my dearest.

May Allah give us the strength solely from His, the source of hidayah. insyaAllah.

terus kuat aida!!! iAllah :)

p/s- aida, kite tukar url blog. hihi

rajen2 melawat la ea. hehe

moge trus thabat ukhti! iAllah

for every hurdle that we are facing, just remember, we always have Him to depend on, insyaAllah.

tighten our faith in Him insyaAllah, he will guide us insyaAllah sister. :)

remember the big ibrah from surah nuh. :)

~AiSyA HuMayRa~ said...

jazakumullahu khayr ukht~

inshaAllah kita semua saling mendoakan, memahami je masing2 ada priority sendiri... (^_^)

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