Sunday, October 23, 2011


Visiting Stonehenge with the uni trip yesterday, and it was amazing. Thinking about all the knowledge that the people back then already know; mathematics, geology, astronomy and many more, just to put up that pile of stone according to the arrangement. (some might not agree with me, sorry about that). So, we can never be proud with the advancement that we might had have now, as we might just build up a little onto the knowledge that the people before us already know.

But, listening to the audio telling information about Stonehenge, when it came to the purpose of Stonehenge; symbols of power/calender etc,  it struck me, we can never know the truth except the things that Allah reveals to us. Everything else is just a perception and our assumption based on our limited knowledge. Therefore, we must always cherished what Allah had bestowed us with, and never take for granted the things that we already have in our daily life especially the noble Al-Quran and the Sunnah, as well as the teaching of Islam. As they are the only truth that we can hold on to. Allahu a'lam~

amazingly, even with lots of people, at the middle, i can still get a pic without anybody in it!

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