Sunday, May 13, 2012

::Caring Hearts::


Disclaimer: Post ini adalah random thought semasa tengah cuba mengulangkaji pelajaran (baca : revise)

"Perhaps your store's motto of "Caring Hearts" means to watch over a reckless colleague 'til he falls.  

However, in our cafe, we'll care and support each other so that we won't fall.  

You will want to support others since everyone is supporting you as well. 

Even if you're bothering others, they will push you from behind giving you strength to move forward! 

And because of this, we can serve our customers to the fullest, to satisfy them!" 

(Taken from Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Episode 19)

I watched this anime long time ago (and I'm not encouraging you to do so yourself), and I liked Japanese cartoons because they brought with them a set of values we can learn about. I had always liked philosophy I guess, that's why I can relate to these kind of things.

In doing da'wa, we are not alone! Caring and supporting each other are always needed in a circle/halaqah. That's why we need to know the three pillars (rukun) of usrah, ta'aruf, tafahhum, takaful.

Ta'aruf is where you get to know your usrahmates.
Tafahhum is where you try to understand them and help each other because you know each other in and out.
Takaful is where you help each other, improving oneself while improving others.


I think what Misaki said up there summarised it well.

And who might our customers be? We, the Muslims are here to serve Allah and to serve the mankind. Our presence should be a mercy to mankind.

Think about it. I won't elaborate much on it, need to go back to revision!

P/s: Please make du'a for me and the others who are having exams starting next week!


Eat Eat Eat Bakery Shop said...

love this coz really need something like this to strengthen myself for da'wah huhu T___T pray for me too~

~AiMaLSyauQiyaH~ said...

Moga terus kuat ye Hanis, jgn berputus asa kerana org yg berserah diri itu tidak berputus asa!

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