Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We plan to have a picnic today, so off we went to a park. It was a lovely park.

While the two of us were walking at the park, three kids ran towards us:

Kids: "Hey, did you remember us, we were the one who   threw water at you, yesterday" 
Us:"But we are not from here, we just arrived from S_____. It can't be us". 
Kids: "But we swear it was you, one of you, i remembered this (while showing one of our scarf)" 
Us: "It can't be, we just arrived here. You must have mistaken us with some of our friends who stayed here" 
Kids: "But i remembered your face. Blimey, you do look alike, are you family?"

and the conversation went on and on, it was very interesting to hear what they were saying despite the fact that they are just 16, 14 and 10 year old kids (they do look young - kids)  until one part that struck me  :

Kid (one of them) : "My teacher used to tell me about her religion, it was a horrible religion where she will get punished when she died if she do bad stuff. She used to tell us how horrible the religion was" 
Me: "Well, in my opinion, it makes sense. Why do we have policeman here? 
Kid: "If not, thief will break into the shops and everything" 
Me:  "Well, same goes with the punishment, if you do bad stuff, you will need to be  punished, don't you think it makes sense?" 
Kid: "Yes, but will you get punished immediately?" 
Me: "You will be given time to repent" 
Kids: "What is your GOD's name?. Is it Allah?" 
Us: "Yes" 
Kid: "It is the same GOD as my teacher's"

They ended up joining us for our picnic, and today's incident made me think, we Muslims are the one who gives misconceptions to people out there about Islam. We are the one who portrayed the wrong portrayal of Islam to the non-believers of Allah. People said Muslims are the advertisement of Islam and I also once heard that the worst advertisement on earth are the Muslims because we have the most precious product in the world - ISLAM and yet, we portrayed IT so badly that people doesn't even want to know about it if they meet a Muslim first and not be exposed to the beauty of ISLAM.. Something to ponder upon by all Muslims.


a.i.s.y.a.h. i.s.m.a.i.l said...

wah bestnyee..

nk g picnic gakkk..

nnt bawaklah akak g picnic mane2.. tepi laut pun best..


btw chumill lah budak2 tuh.. sgt innocent kan.. moga allah beri petunjuk hidayah pada mereka.

doakan mereka ea. doakan akak gak :)

yg x abes exam lg,

طالب الحب said...

Salam ..

wah, best2 ..

smuga kita menjadi cermin yg berkilat bersinar-sinar kpd islam ..


~AiSyA HuMayRa~ said...

>Kak aisyah ismail

hehe...dorg tgh plan nk rehlah di tepi pantai,hehe..boleh la join..

sonok sgt, memang dorg sgt innocent..byk la misconceptions psl islam yg dorg terima..sedeyh bila dgr..huhu.. tak sampai ati sgt nk tolak bila dorg tnye leh join ke x picnic..hehe...semoga kita mampu membersihkan kembali perceptions yg ada, inshaAllah

> Talib Al-Hub (betul ke??)

Wassalam.. haah, best..pengalaman berbicara dgn org yg sgt2 xde knowledge psl islam, or we can say salah faham..lagi satu, masalah language..hehe...kena improve sgt2!! inshaAllah, semoga kita mampu menyumbang, bukan kerana Islam memerlukn kita, tapi kerna kita yg memerlukan Islam..inshaAllah..

Fatimah A'thirah said...

"Blimey, you do look alike, are you family?"

awk ade kembar lain kt sne ke? haih, ingt sorang je Aida.. rupenye, famili seakidah memang ar serupa! nk jd yg srupa ngn awk gak! ngahaha

~AiSyA HuMayRa~ said...


haha...dia bukan ckp kat sya..dia ckp kat kak ajilah..hehe... Rsanya dorg tgk kita semua sama.sbb suma pki tudung..hehe...

nak jadi mcm sy?? xyh la awk... lemah sgt...xcukup berguna utk Islam! manja sgt..

Fatimah A'thirah said...

ceh.. awk ni sungguh mengada ngada... ketuk dgn selipar kan baru tau!! dah, xleh manje manje!! we are strong! [ngehee tgh nk cri semngat ni~]

~AiSyA HuMayRa~ said...


tp kadang2 terasa nak manja..tau je xleh..huu(terasa nk melayan perasaan sgt2).. futur..inhiraf...perlu ada org menarik diri ini kembali..huhuuhu

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