Thursday, November 10, 2011



Browsing FB (among the things I always do in the morning) today, I noticed people I love and care about has changed. Those whom I spent two years of my IB life with has changed. Yes, I know people change, people change due to multiple factors. But, the fact that I am too occupied with other things to notice that until now, it sadden me.

I know I cannot judge. I know I am just a nobody, an imperfect person. But this imperfect nobody loves them so much. Thinking that I am unable to reach out to them gives a throbbing pain to my heart.


The Messenger of Allah said:
"None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself." 
[Reported by al-Bukhari (13), Muslim (45), Ahmad (3/176), at-Tirmidhi (5215), Ibn Majah (66), an-Nasa'i (8/115), and Ibn Hibban (234)]

And thinking about this made me realize that I am a weak nobody that can't even reach out for people I love in this life, this temporary life. How about in the hereafter then?? Will I be able to reach out for them as well, or will I be among those who are thrown in the hell fire and be the reason for the ones I love to be thrown as well? Na'udzubillah!


"O' Allah, please guide us to find Your love and bring us closer to You~"

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